About Me

So Who Is Ashley Jerzak?

Ashley Jerzak is a Northern fireball raised in the Midwest, but living in the South. If being a millennial veteran wife, and mother of two amazing boys didn’t keep her busy enough she also is currently going to school online majoring in psychology and minoring in English. She started her freelancing career three years ago as a content writer and she continues to learn something new every day. Personal and professional development has always been very important to her because if you are not learning you are not growing, and if you are not growing you are essentially dying. About a year and a half into in her freelancing career, she was introduced to the virtual assistant and digital marketing industries.

Finally finding a profession she truly loves she is a virtual Business Support Specialist, Social Media Manager, and Creative Marketing Strategist for entrepreneurs and service-based small business owners (specifically general contractors, landscapers, and subcontractors like cleaning services). Even though she is focusing on a different career path than she started out with freelancing, she still makes time to write because that is a passion of hers. The main industries and niches she enjoys to write about are real estate, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and self-help/personal development. She also enjoys writing about family, parenting, technology, and finance.

Ambition and curiosity are two traits that fuel her, but they also keep her humble. She doesn’t believe in the words no and don’t know, but instead lives her life knowing the words yes and find out as replacements. After working in call centers for many years and being miserable she decided to take the leap and try freelancing. While freelancing has been nothing less than an adventure, it has taught Ashley a lot about herself that she wouldn’t have learned otherwise. Ashley spends most of her time working with clients, doing homework or writing, but for those precious moments that she isn’t, she is ecstatic to spend it with her husband and two sons, watching movies, spending time at the lake, cooking, or having a dance party with the kids.

She is dedicated to living her best life so that her children can experience amazing opportunities and will stop at nothing until that is achieved. 


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